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Wakefield Pride 2023

Wakefield LGBT Pride begun as Wakefield Pride not Prejudice and originated from a request from the LGBT youth group Fruitbowl to organise an LGBT Pride event in Wakefield. An article placed in the now defunct Yorkshire Queer Magazine SHOUT asked for volunteers to meet at the MESMAC offices in January 2005 and the committee was formed and was developed in conjunction with Wakefield Council, the Primary Care Trusts, the West Yorkshire Police Authority, the owners of two local gay venues in the city, VOX, the Men’s Sexual Health Project (MESMAC) and members of the gay community.

A working group came together and organised a programme of activity for what would be the first LGBT Pride in Wakefield. Development of the group continued with a formal constitution and election of officers which took place with the aim of running a Pride event every year.
The group decided to organise a parade through the streets of Wakefield and to put on an afternoon of entertainment with free and open access to the public. The principal aim was to celebrate the diverse cultures and lifestyles of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Wakefield to challenge the stereotypes, break down barriers and build bridges with the community at large.

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